Company Overview

Argyle DSB Joinery Toowoomba-11Family owned and operated business DSB Joinery are a Toowoomba based business specialising in the design and manufacture of custom and standard sized solid timber doors and windows.

Darren Buckley, father of three, grew up and went to school in Toowoomba before buying the joinery business in 2011. Our work is completed with a professional attitude and with great business process systems in place, we can provide you with a high quality finished product within time limitations

With our highly dedicated team of 4, all sharing the same passion for craftsmanship, we have serviced areas including The Darling Downs, The Western Corridor, South East Queensland up to North Queensland. We are known to be highly relational in our approach to planning fit-outs and renovations with our clients. With our can do approach to drafting and design, obtaining your dream will be come easier than ever before.

Our clients also love the finesse and intricacy of our work, and along with us, have absolutely no doubts their doors, whether it be solid timber or bi fold doors, will be designed to request. We also specialise in sliding panel doors and can produce solid timber windows and doors for your renovator. We understand different demands across our client base, therefore we can do made to order solid timber windows and doors, measured and shaped to the way you want it.

We meet all building and safety standards and provide our clients with the option of Australian or overseas timber. DSB Joinery produce high quality products for their clients in a creative and friendly approach, and it is no question why DSB Joinery are regarded as “authentic and trusted” in their field of work.

"We Do, Eat, Sleep, Drink & Breath Quality CRAFTSMANSHIP"